Be a Mentor In Love Variety Shows
Be a Mentor In Love Variety Shows

Be a Mentor In Love Variety Shows

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Be a Mentor In Love Variety Shows novel is a popular light novel covering Romance genres. Written by the author June Watermelon. 80 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


In a heartthrob novel about the heroine, the heroine is an amateur and became popular on the Internet with a love variety show. However, the female tutor in the love variety show was scolded out of the entertainment industry because of negative news such as low EQ and wanting to unspoken rules for male guests.

As good as he could die, Lu Yan, a salted fish, transmigrated into this female tutor.

The amateurs participating in the variety show this time are not ordinary people.

There are rich second generations who can play casually and inherit the family business when they return home.

There is also the female bully boss who started her own company.

There are also male racing drivers with foreign royal blood.

But what does that have to do with Lu Yan?

When the male and female guests flirted with each other, Lu Yan commented with a paralyzed face, “The man is too greasy and uses too much force. He looks like an old sea king.”

When the new male guest introduced himself, Lu Yan had no expression on his face, “Versailles tastes too strong, and it looks like a master of Versailles.”

When the female guest blinked her deer-like eyes and sucked in fans, Lu said, “It smells like high-end green tea.”

Because of a pair of invincible green tea eyes, and real’s straightforward speech, Lu Yan became famous overnight.

The fire is very hot.

Lu Yan had a world-weary face and lacked interest, “Don’t be infatuated with sister, she is just a legend.”

Later, the actor who is also a mentor asked Lu Yan with a smile, “Teacher Lu, look, which one am I?”

One sentence introduction: Sister is just a legend

Conception: Jedi counterattack, turn against the wind, create myth

Content tags: entertainment circle sweet text wearing books cool text

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