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Deadman novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Sci-fi, Drama, Action genres. Written by the author Seersucker. 192 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Even after the bombs fell, even after countries unleashed weapons beyond imagining on one another, even after lawlessness became the norm, people still expect their mail.

As a deadman, I'm uniquely suited to deliver it. Rads don't bother me, and people who try to hurt me typically wind up dead. Sure, humans may not like dealing with a face like mine, but hey, you can't beat my express rates.


A dystopian litrpg in the vein of Fallout and The Postman

*1500+ words per chapter

*Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays

Please report the problems you have identified regarding the novel and its chapters.

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