Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions
Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions

Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions

364 Chapters 654 Views 23 Bookmarked Completed Status

Earthling in Uncharted Dimensions novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Action, Mystery genres. Written by the author UtopianLegend. 364 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Young monk Lee Shen ofKathmandu ends upinadifferent dimension! Hebecame the first person toenter adimension unknown toearthlings.

Through afortuitous encounter, hegot bound with asoul which introduced itself asthe Sovereign ofthe Dimension. After analysing Lee’s memory, the soul metamorphosises into asentient system!

And believe me, this isone system you would wish tohave!

Here, the eastern fantasy ofQimeets the western fantasy ofMana! Dwarves join sects and cultivators join guilds!

Inaplanet with 20 realms ofQiCultivation and Mana mastery with 10 levels ofprogression, the lives you can live are plenty. Join the adventure ofLee Shen, asheunlocks his memories, while the sentient system empowers his journey!

Read ashesimultaneously cultivates and masters! Track his actions asheunravels the most horrifying secret behind the existence ofmultiple dimensions! Witness the multidimensional world through his eyes!

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