Ghost in the City
Ghost in the City

Ghost in the City

178 Chapters 2.1K Views 24 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Ghost in the City novel is a popular light novel covering Sci-fi, Action, Adventure, Slice of Life genres. Written by the author Seras. 178 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Night City, it's a place of endless wonders and horrors. Opportunities and dangers, but before Motoko Kusanagi can access any of them.

She first has to build up enough strength to walk again. Learn the basics of living in a world that was just a game to her before. Good thing she found a Shard hidden in her stuff that opens the door of opportunity. But like all opportunities in Night City, it usually ends up in a gunfight.

Self-Insert with a modified Cyberpunk 2077 Gamer System. Not a direct Ghost in the Shell Crossover. MC just happens to share the name.

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