I Am Not Really Related
I Am Not Really Related

I Am Not Really Related


455 Chapters 13.6K Views 27 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

I Am Not Really Related novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts genres. Written by the author Wu Mian Qi Liang. 455 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


As the son of the second generation Hokage Senju Tobirama, and Uchiha Izuna, Haru suddenly had countless complaints in his heart.

However, it seemed like there wasn’t much of a problem

Because Ninja World’s strongest connections had been born!

The first generation Hokage, who has the title of God Ninja World, is my uncle!

The super boss behind the scenes, Uchiha Madara, is my uncle!

Princess Tsunade, you have to call me uncle.

Alas, this damn seniority!

As for me, Senju-Uchiha Haru, I could have been a dandy in Konoha, but in the end, I was forced to unify Ninja World. What should I do?

Fortunately, there were golden fingers…

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