A Chaotic World
A Chaotic World

A Chaotic World

450 Chapters 7K Views 28 Bookmarked Completed Status

A Chaotic World novel is a popular light novel covering Martial Arts, Action, Adventure genres. Written by the author Sweating_Cloud. 450 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


In a world where demons and beasts reigned supreme, humanity had been pushed to the edge, living in constant fear. Lu Tianzi was a genius cultivator, determined to one day grow strong enough to fight for his race and bring humanity out of the darkness.

But by a twist of fate, he was betrayed by the people whom he respected the most, even almost losing his life as a result.

Lu Tianzi managed to survive by a stroke of luck, but now his heart had chilled.

What feelings for his own race? What pride as a human?

All that crap had died along with his past self when he was mercilessly cast away!

Now no matter if it was humanity or the demons, none shall be spared as long as they stood between him and the pinnacle of the world!

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