A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale
A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale

A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale

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A Dragon Idol's Reincarnation Tale novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Comedy, Isekai, Adventure, Action, Drama, Slice of Life genres. Written by the author AbyssRaven. 544 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


"Survival ofthe fittest iseasier said than done… why couldn’t Ihave been reborn abit bigger, huh?"

Ifwaking upinanew world wasn’t bad enough, anidealistic teen starts her new life asanewborn dragon not bybeing embraced byaloving family, but having toescape two hungry kobolds wanting some grilled lizard for breakfast. Now, status screens obscure her vision inahostile forest filled with vicious magical monsters, astwo concerning Titles welcome her toher new life.

Equipped with fragmented memories from her past life and the game-like mechanics ofher new reality, the young dragon must face trials and tribulation, undeterred bythe reaper’s scythe inches from her neck. Despite her challenges, she isdetermined tofind civilization. For nothing will stop her from fulfilling her one true desire: tobecome anIdol.

Note: Iamcurrently editing and rewriting myearly chapters due togrowing asanauthor over these two years. Ifyou guys notice asudden drop inwriting quality ornot anote that this chapter was edited, then please know that Ihaven’t edited themyet. Iamusing you guys' feedback togrow, sothank you for your patience!

Author Notes: I’ll update the story every 2-3 day, ifnothing major inmylife happens.

The story ismostly inspired byJapanese Light Novels, specifically «I’m aspider, sowhat?».

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