A Magical Tale: The Peerless Summoner
A Magical Tale: The Peerless Summoner

A Magical Tale: The Peerless Summoner

181 Chapters 2.3K Views 38 Bookmarked Completed Status

A Magical Tale: The Peerless Summoner novel is a popular light novel covering Josei, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Mature, Yuri, Action genres. Written by the author koladeizdavid. 181 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Inthe vast Andronema universe where thousands ofraces abound, there are aset ofpeople called 'Spiritual Warriors' or'Summoners'.

These people can summon dreadfully powerful spiritual entities from aparallel dimension called Calaendria into their bodies.

Every spiritual warrior can’t summon more than nine Calaendrian spirits into their bodies ortheir bodies, due tothe mighty arcane power now dwelling inthem would explode into bits offlesh and mists ofblood, and their souls thoroughly crushed and dispersed.

But inthis universe, evil reigns supreme asdevilish orfiendish summoners vastly outnumber the ones with good orkind intentions.

Since evil dominates the good, everywhere isthrown into chaos. Every form ofwickedness atthe highest level goes oninevery continents inworlds endlessly.

It’s uptoanextraordinary girl, half-human, half-krithika who can summon more than twelve Caleandrian spirits into her body totry and restore order inworlds, orthe lives oftrillions would bedevastated and properties destroyed.

Meet the enchanting female hero, Helena who would travel tomany places inthe universe insearch ofsomething dearest toher and inthe process realize and develop her innate powers that would grow toawe and terrorize all creatures.

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