Aetherborne Chronicles
Chapter Prologue

In the year 2024, a remarkable event unfolded as Earth's destiny intertwined with the cosmos. A benevolent outer civilization descended upon our planet, extending a hand of friendship and cooperation. With their advanced technology, they guided humanity towards a new frontier – the vast expanse of outer space. The revelation of mana and aura, once mere legends, now became tangible forces that could be harnessed.

Among these enigmatic visitors were beings straight out of myth and lore: elves with their timeless grace, dwarfs with their unmatched craftsmanship, and a tapestry of other fantastical races. Their purpose was clear – to unite the myriad races of the universe against a shared adversary. They sought out new allies among the Earth's inhabitants, inviting them to join in the cosmic endeavor.

Fast forward to the year 3089, and the shadows of truth unveil themselves. Earth, nestled among the stars, discovered the sinister orchestrators behind the curtain of chaos. A group of malevolent criminals, transcending the boundaries of every race in existence, harbored aspirations of universal domination. Their grip extended over a staggering 30% of the cosmos, leaving a trail of subjugation in their wake.

The battle lines were drawn, and the clash was christened "Alliance vs Eternity." Yet, the weight of this epic struggle rested unevenly upon the shoulders of the participants. Humans, though eager and resolute, lacked the inherent strength of their cosmic brethren. Their presence on the front lines was limited, a consequence of their mortal limitations.

In the distant year 5078, humanity's evolution had culminated in the ability to stand resolute against the imposing force known as "Eternity." Regular immersion in the profound energies of mana and aura had propelled human longevity beyond its former boundaries, stretching life spans from a mere 80 years to a remarkable millennium. The geopolitical landscape shifted, condensing nations into five distinct power blocs: the United States of America, encompassing the entirety of the Americas; Russia, extending its dominion over Europe; China, extending its reach across Eastern Asia and Australia; India, asserting influence over the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East; and a collective entity representing the remainder of the world, spanning Africa and the remaining regions of Asia.

As the epoch advanced to the year 39098, humanity's pivotal role within the Alliance against Eternity had grown pronounced. The climactic confrontation with the dominion of Eternity was nearing its zenith, with the Alliance's efforts culminating in the reclamation of over a quarter of the universe, all with the formidable support of humanity. Under the banner of "Earth," humanity has achieved remarkable unity, coalescing into a single entity with a singular purpose. Now, a solitary governing body stands as the orchestrator of all human endeavors.

A novel governmental framework emerged within the Alliance, characterized by a representative system from every star sector. This intricate structure encompassed the entirety of the universe, artfully partitioned into an astonishing expanse of over one trillion galaxies. A sector comprised one thousand galaxies, and further, a star sector emerged from one thousand of these sectors. These star sectors, each a collection of a thousand, coalesced into a singular nexus – the apex of this arrangement.

Ascending this hierarchy, beyond the representatives, stood the officers who wielded command over individual nexuses. At the present juncture, a cohort of 159 human officers occupied this esteemed rank among every thousand, symbolizing humanity's integral role in this grand cosmic framework.

However, the year 99820 brought with it a shadow that cast doubt upon the Alliance's integrity. Corruption had insidiously infiltrated its ranks, corroding its foundations and sowing seeds of discord. In a devastating turn of events, Eternity mounted a counteroffensive, wresting back over 16% of the universe that had been reclaimed. The debilitating effects of corruption reverberated throughout the Alliance's forces, prompting some armies to defect to Eternity's side, drawn by the allure of its renewed strength. The once-unified Alliance found itself teetering on the precipice of decline, as the specter of weakness threatened to undermine the arduously won progress against Eternity's dominion.

Year 230,029. Following the advent of the year 100,000, the Alliance found itself enduring relentless onslaughts across all fronts, a tumultuous phase that endured until the dawn of the year 150,000. This marked the final instance when Eternity orchestrated any form of assault against the Alliance. The toll exacted on both sides was considerable, casting them into a defensive stance. For the subsequent 80,000 years, neither side ventured to make a decisive move, resulting in an enduring period of uneasy stillness.

Rules within the Council's Dominion:

1. Sole Dispute Resolution: Any disputes spanning a planetary scope shall find resolution solely within the purview of the council.

2. Defensive Armament: Planets shall solely employ their armed forces for defensive measures, safeguarding rather than aggression. Sᴇaʀch* Thᴇ ɴøvᴇl_Firᴇ.ɴet website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of nøvels early and in the highest quality.

3. Controlled Utilization of Power: The use of mana or aura within planetary borders is strictly reserved for authorized law enforcers (who operate under the council's direct jurisdiction—bypassing even planetary leaders.)

Balance of power across the universe:

1. Council's Dominion: Spanning a staggering 69% of the universe, the Council's far-reaching influence extended like a tapestry, weaving together the diverse planets under its auspices. Their mantle of governance encompassed realms both near and far, fostering unity through shared purpose.

2. Eternity's Realm: Eternity held sway over a substantial 21% of the universe, carving its dominion with a determination rivaling the stars. Their rule cast shadows across galaxies, a testament to their unwavering ambition and determination to assert control.

3. Neutral Sanctum: Amidst the cosmic interplay, a tranquil haven emerged—an enigmatic 10% expanse untouched by the ambitions of council or eternity. This neutral realm existed in harmonious equilibrium, a sanctuary for wanderers and explorers, free from the empires' grasp.


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