Ascension of the Master Assassin
Ascension of the Master Assassin

Ascension of the Master Assassin

60 Chapters 918 Views 28 Bookmarked Completed Status

Ascension of the Master Assassin novel is a popular light novel covering Game, Action, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Minimal_Effort. 60 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Venn was anobody inlife. Heaven Descent was everything hehad.

Having spent every waking moment playing the game asagame rat, hefound himself back intime tothe first time hestarted playing Heaven Descent after drowning himself with alcohol the day his sister died.

With noknowledge ofstock market nor sufficient capital, heisdetermined torise tothe top ofthe game this time tosave his sister from her illness.

«Watchme! Ishall take everything that belongs tomeand more this time, even ifitmeant prying them from the clutches ofHeaven!»

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