Birth of the Devilish CEO: So what if i'm a Lady?
Birth of the Devilish CEO: So what if i'm a Lady?

Birth of the Devilish CEO: So what if i'm a Lady?

241 Chapters 4K Views 35 Bookmarked Completed Status

Birth of the Devilish CEO: So what if i'm a Lady? novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Josei, Comedy, Action genres. Written by the author Flabbergasted. 241 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


She isthe baddest woman onthe planet. People dare not say her name, due toher ruthless reputation asaCEO for taking down companies with nomercy. She isthe most dreaded person intown, noone dares tooffend her and gounscathed. Some people call her, «Cold-blooded Witch», while others call her the, «Demoness».

«Sowhat ifIdon’t have friends? Ihave one and Iamsatisfied with that.»

«Tohell with myextended family who are hungry for power. Since they choose toabandon mefirst Idon’t give adamn about them,»

«F*ck any man who thinks that Iamaneasy targets for ridicule? Iammore than aman myself,» Lie Ruge said with fierceness, panting heavily.

This isthe story about agirl who wanted tobeloved and cherished even after the terrible ordeal she went through asachild. Her mother was murdered inher presence when she was just ten years old.

After completing her high school, she was sent toaschool which was the best school inthe World.The funniest thing was that noone really knows anything about this particular school.There, she acquired the best martial arts skills, she was second tonone. People ofthe underworld call her «LADY BOSS.» She was the most beautiful and dreadful woman that any man has ever set their eyeson. She was ruthless toher enemies but what will happen when she later falls inlove with aman who will bring somuch laughter and brightness into her dark world?

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