Creating Heavenly Laws
Creating Heavenly Laws

Creating Heavenly Laws


153 Chapters 16.9K Views 122 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Creating Heavenly Laws novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, Martial Arts, Xianxia, Adventure, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Xuanhuan, Isekai, Romance genres. Written by the author 不是星期天. 153 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


WARNING: This novel is a hidden gem! Don’t be fooled by the cliché sypnosis! Read 10 chapters before deciding!

Divine techniques? Heaven’s gifts? Divine Weapon? Special Abilities? Unique Skills? Heavenly Talents?

No, I don’t need them because I can create Heavenly Laws!

In the boundless expanse of the starry seas, Lin Yuan wielded the extraordinary ‘Gate to the Myriad Realms,’ unlocking the secrets of an expansive universe. Here, where mightiest beings effortlessly shattered galaxies, Lin Yuan, a bottom-tier individual, harnessed the gateway and his innate talent, the ‘Unparalleled Insight,’ to transcend the ordinary.

Embarking on countless odysseys, Lin Yuan’s relentless quest for strength knew no bounds. Through the cosmic tapestry of diverse worlds, he quietly forged his path, ascending from the depths of mediocrity to an unparalleled force. With each journey, he honed his skills until, at last, he stood as an invincible presence, dominating across all realms. The saga of Lin Yuan is a mesmerizing tale of cosmic ascent and relentless growth.

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