Debuff Master
Debuff Master

Debuff Master

465 Chapters 61.5K Views 110 Bookmarked Completed Status

Debuff Master novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Dam Hwa Gong, 담화공. 465 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Han Tae-Sung, thought he was talented in video games and dreamt of turning his life around through BNW, but he would soon realize that life was not as easy as he thought it was.

He’s betrayed by his comrades, hunted down by his enemies, and even chased by debts in real life. He lost everything in the blink of an eye and was thrown down a pit of despair.

What stood in his way? Talent, wealth, connections, and luck.

There was simply no way he could win against those born differently no matter how much he struggled.

However, armed with a second chance and a hidden class, Tae-Sung starts from scratch and embarks on a journey to redeem himself and exact revenge against his enemies.

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