Horror Game Designer
Horror Game Designer

Horror Game Designer

Strange Game Designer • 我的治愈系游戏

199 Chapters 3.1K Views 28 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Horror Game Designer novel is a popular light novel covering Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Action, Supernatural, Tragedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature genres. Written by the author I Can Fix Air-Conditioners. 199 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


“Doc, it’s like the game I made is becoming a reality.”

“Isn’t that nice? People are under so much pressure at work these days, but you can get away from it all, play the game, and live the life of your dreams.”

“But I’m a famous ghost story game designer, I’ve conceived one hundred and twenty-six mu*der cases, portrayed dozens of mu*derers with different personalities, and to find material I’ve watched ninety-five thriller movies, more than four hundred horror comics, and collected more than two thousand urban weird tales. Now they all seem to be true!”

“So… do I look familiar to you?”

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