I was a Nerfed Hero in Another World
I was a Nerfed Hero in Another World

I was a Nerfed Hero in Another World

181 Chapters 1.5K Views 19 Bookmarked Completed Status

I was a Nerfed Hero in Another World novel is a popular light novel covering Game, Harem, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Isekai, Action genres. Written by the author kuhaku_sora. 181 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Arthur Wyllt claims himself asahero inside the popular game called «Magique». Itisamassively multiplayer online role-playing game that provides real money toskilled players. However, his popularity becomes adouble-edged sword that makes people ridicule him wherever hegoes. After going online inMagique, players from the adventurer’s guild hunt him down and plan onlooting his valuables.

But the event ofamonster horde attacking the village stops those adventurers from killing Arthur.

After killing the information broker from the guild, Arthur soughts for aquest. Heneeds tokill the villain inside the game. That enemy that Arthur must hunt for isanNPC (non-player character) who wields the Excalibur, orthe legendary holy sword. Heneeds tofind away tocomplete the game and stop the villain before itistoo late! Instead ofsaving the town like ahero, Arthur goes onaquest and leaves that village behind.

However, that story doesn’t stop from there. Arthur reincarnates inthat same world and becomes apuny knight without his overwhelming abilities! All hehas isClarent, the sword ofpeace, which isalso level1!

Will hebecome the hero that the kingdom deserves, but not the one itneeds?

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