Love Code at the End of the World
Love Code at the End of the World

Love Code at the End of the World


927 Chapters 3K Views 14 Bookmarked Completed Status

Love Code at the End of the World novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Harem, Josei, Romance, Sci-fi genres. Written by the author Strawberry Shortcake. 927 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Sixteen-year-old Luo Bing makes aplayful prayer and ends upcrossing time and space toland onKansas Planet, right when Kansas Planet isexperiencing the end ofthe world.

Clueless about this alien world, Luo Bing isterrified. Fortunately, Noah City gives her sanctuary and she eventually gets achance toexplore this new world.

The end ofthe world ismarked byextreme scarcity. Ubiquitous radiation has heavily limited the food, water and resources, and danger lies atevery turn. Asaresult ofthis extreme environment, some humans have evolved and developed superpowers, while others have turned into monsters and even spirits. Humans who naturally possess ananti-radiation constitution are called radiationers. Most ofthe radiationers have unique superpowers, and they are referred toasmetahumans.

With noclue onhow toreturn toher own world, Luo Bing isstuck here and must survive against all odds. Armed with the combat skills she has learned from her dad and her newly developed superpowers, aswell ashelp from the guys she has developed feelings for, can Luo Bing save this strange new world?

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