Me! Zombie! Summoned to Another World!
Me! Zombie! Summoned to Another World!

Me! Zombie! Summoned to Another World!


40 Chapters 783 Views 21 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Me! Zombie! Summoned to Another World! novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural genres. Written by the author Wait For Takeoff. 40 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Inthe Year 2030, aplague spread throughout the globe, turning most humans into zombies.

Naturally, asaweakling, Iturned into one aswell, aweak one atthat.

Icould never overpower aliving human, nor have Itaken abite ofhuman flesh. Now, even mymind was starting togoblank.

Istared atthe living muscular human standing infront ofmewith ahuge RPG over his shoulder, and Ithought myzombie life was going toend atthat moment.

Without any warning, agreen light shot out from the cloud and enveloped me.

Everything started toturn black after that. When Iopened myeyes once again, Iwas already inanunknown world.

Infront ofmestood anidiot who proclaimed himself asanecromancer. Iglared athis tasty flesh and charged atthe necromancer without any hesitation.

Atfirst, Ithought itwould beaharsh battle between him and me, but, unexpectedly, the necromancer was even weaker than me.

After indulging inthe necromancer’s brain, information appeared inside myhead.

[Notes ofthe necromancer’s growth]

[Records ofthe Mysterious Nolan Continent]

[My life with the Holy Church’s saint]

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