Mechanical Alchemist
Mechanical Alchemist

Mechanical Alchemist


217 Chapters 7.4K Views 43 Bookmarked Completed Status

Mechanical Alchemist novel is a popular light novel covering Supernatural, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Game genres. Written by the author Blind Marquis. 217 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


The dark dungeons lay hidden beneath the earth, a labyrinth filled with countless ancient relics and treasures.

Within these shadowy depths, there existed oddities and aberrations, cursed objects lurking in the gloom… Abysses and caverns were home to eldritch gods and mythical races… Artificers, cursed sigil prosthetics, and the towering black citadels stretched upward like fingers to the unknown.

A mad alchemist’s brew of steam punk essence, a dash of the arcane, and a generous helping of the supernatural, all swirled together to forge a vibrant and colorful fantasy world.

I am the Puppeteer Alchemist. All that I behold are but puppets to me. I alone am legion!

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