Mr. CEO Secretly Reads BL!
Mr. CEO Secretly Reads BL!

Mr. CEO Secretly Reads BL!

51 Chapters 775 Views 11 Bookmarked Completed Status

Mr. CEO Secretly Reads BL! novel is a popular light novel covering Yaoi, Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy genres. Written by the author ForeverPupa. 51 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Who doesn’t know Feng Xiaojun? Tall, handsome, rich, and also the CEO of Feng Group. He is a dream CEO that everybody imagined in that typical CEO romance story.

But the CEO holds a deep, darkest secret imaginable…

Feng Xiaojun is a hardcore, rotten Fudanshi who loves binge reading BL/Yaoi stories every time, even at work.

«Sir, how about our meeting schedule this morning?» — Secretary Shi.

«Reschedule it, I’m sick today,» — Feng Xiajoun who binge read on Killing Stalking the whole night.

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