Multiverse of Marvel
Multiverse of Marvel

Multiverse of Marvel

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Multiverse of Marvel novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-fi genres. Written by the author thelightedghost. 777 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


"We need to go back and inform others of what just happened. Whatever happened has happened and... Read more
"We need to go back and inform others of what just happened. Whatever happened has happened and can't be changed back. This involves the death of an ancient being. We won't be able to change it as it was a Nexus Event and TVA won't be able to control it. Loki, are you still at the throne?" John shouted.Unsurprisingly, Loki appeared out of nowhere. TVA was responsible for all Nexus Events and Beings. And this was a huge Nexus event. The point of no return, just like the death of Christine in What if?"You have commited quite the crime John. This crime according to the laws of TVA would have you pruned instantly, with no questions asked and no trial." Loki said with a smile."It was not me who did this. It was him. Why am I being put in the tough spot?" John asked with a sharp tone.***When a cinephile and an otaku/weeb travels through dimensions and gets a system which can only be described as overpowered but comes with restrictions. At first he was overjoyed with the system but soon realizes that he is in a very dangerous world where his life was at risk all the time.(There will be no change in the canon until the New York War ends) can read 240+ more chapters ahead and 3+ chapters everyday with the access to my patreon page. (670+ chapters already)Disclaimer : I am not an economist so I might have done some mistakes in the economics section of the story. If you have suggestions to make it better you can leave in the comments.Warning - The MC won't be OP from the start itself and will grow to a powerful character in due time. The starting feels a bit weird because I am totally new to writing a novel and English is my second language. I don't have an editor so the conversations and descriptions might be little stiff. I am trying to improve.P.S. This story is based on Marvel universe Collapse
Transported to Another World, Superpowers, World Hopping, System, Game Elements, Overpowered Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Otaku, Weak to Strong, Fast Cultivation, Fanfiction, Marvel, DC Universe
Definitely one of the best fanfic that ive read tho there are some weird parts as one would expect of a fanfic, all in all its a worthy 3.8 stars id say
Is there romance, harem etc?
There is romance but no harem as of yet and i dont think there ever will be. And the romance is notreally the focus, in all the 600+ chapters that ive read anything related to the romance is definitely less than 50 chapters
Omg any update? I'll take the less than 50 chap of romance than full blown romance and harem
Very good job. Of course, there are a lot of things that many may not like. On the other hand, you should be clearly aware that this is a fanfic. The book takes a pretty good look at the Marvel multiverse. I'd even say great! The plot is also on the rise, so it's interesting to watch. After all, I can already observe a hidden plot between the lines, which, as well, the author does not particularly hide from readers. Anyone who has sufficient understanding and observation can say this. Some moments are disappointing, but purely because of fan emotions about the works that are used in this fanfic. Or rather, what exactly happens to them there... However, if you do not rely on my emotions, then this book still remains interesting. And while I can't take it too seriously because of some points (I won't say which ones, otherwise it's spoilers), reading this book is easy and relaxing enough for me. Perhaps many will disagree with me, but I speak purely my opinion, trying not to rely on emotions. Overall, looking ahead, this fanfic is good enough, very good
The points you cant take seriously must be the SpoilerBen 10 shit...
haaaah.... so much potential................. imagine making ben 10 seriess and getting omnitix and mind/IQ of azmuth and making doraemon series and can get his pocket but f#ck that mc is dumbass .. shame on being an indian .... so much potential.... but its only revolving around dc and naruto...... atleast till 100...
aahh...its an indian author? thats a big fat NO from me. Most of them are too bias even more than chinese novels sometimes
Honestly Indian authors just ain't it at all
im indian and i gotta say indians just aint good at webnovel, and if you see the patrotism propoganda here...ugh. Just a few days ago a guy became minor celebrity for saving national flag from top a building during a storm, risking his life. Guy nearly died for it, im not kidding.
That's dumb not gonna lie, what is the point of risking your life for a meaningless flag? Sure, you 'seem' like a good citizen that wants the best for its country but it's suicidal and idiotic.
Well I wouldn't call a flag meaningless, but yeah it's a bit extreme since there's obviously an indefinite amount of it in a country.
Well the flag itself is meaningless, the country and what it stands for isn't. To risk your own life for some material is not worth it and just plain idiocy as I mentioned before.
this rubbish I read on the webnovel is completely unconsciously and boring
Is this novel good? How about the grammar? It’s not that I hate or anything towards the Indian but my gosh almost every novel that I read from Indian author, they tends to have a really bad grammar that I can’t even understand a single thing.
it's normal
How in the f#ck is Saitama part of the MCU?
this novel is a fanfiction
I already read this on webnovel a very long time ago but god damn it my memory is failing me can someone or anybody help me what's the story all about? All I can remember is the author of this novel is an Indian guy who loved to writes fanfics.
.....maybe just go read the webnovel reviews?
It's rare to find a decent review in webnovel app so I'm gonna say No
Did you read this ? How is it ?
Aww, that’s cute. Bro thinks that webnovel reviews actually mean something. You keep thinking that little buddy.

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