My Hubby Can’t Stop Pampering Me
Chapter 1 - 1 1: Such A Marriage (1)

1 Chapter 1: Such A Marriage (1)

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When Qin Zhiyou woke up from the large bed, it was raining outside, with the gale violently whipping the velvet curtains into a rustling noise.

A soft whimper came from beside him, seemingly startled by the sound of the wind and rain. Upon hearing it, Qin Zhiyou turned his head to look at the woman lying next to him.

Lu Weixi was not sleeping peacefully. Her red lips, tightly clamped by her teeth, bore faint tooth marks; her eyebrows, curved like distant mountains, were slightly wrinkled—she looked like a bundle of perfume lilies swaying in the storm.

Qin Zhiyou watched her for a while, then couldn’t help but reach out his hand, wanting to smooth the wrinkles in her brow.

Just as his slender fingers touched her face, Lu Weixi’s eyelashes began to tremble, as if she were about to wake up.

Instantly, Qin Zhiyou withdrew his hand, and picked up his pajamas lying beside him. With his back to her, he put on his clothes leisurely. Then he got up and slowly walked to the door, opened it, and called out, “Aunt Hao.”

Butler Aunt Hao came over, and he said calmly, “A cup of black coffee, bring it to the study.”

Aunt Hao nodded and was about to leave, but Qin Zhiyou took a few steps, his brow slightly wrinkled, as if he had just remembered something, and called her back, “Wait.” Sᴇaʀᴄh the Nʘvᴇl(F)ire.nᴇt website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of nøvels early and in the highest quality.

His calm tone was devoid of any emotion, “I forgot to take precautions earlier because things were too hectic. When the young madam wakes up, remind her.”

Lu Weixi was lying on the bed, listening to his footsteps growing fainter. The cellphone on the bedside table was still vibrating continuously. She answered the call, and Dr. Zhao’s urgent voice came from inside, “Wei Hui, your mom is showing serious drug resistance again. If we don’t change the medication, we should arrange for surgery or chemotherapy as soon as possible, but I’m worried your mom’s body won’t be able to handle a surgery or the side effects of chemo. The new imported drug ZERO-1 is too expensive, so make a decision as soon as you can.”

After pondering for a while, Lu Weixi nodded, “I got it.”

After regaining a bit of strength in her soft body, Lu Weixi immediately got dressed, put on her robe and went out in her slippers. Aunt Hao was carrying a cup of coffee. She was startled to see her out of the room, “Young Madam.”

Lu Weixi didn’t say a word, but took the coffee cup from her hand and headed straight for the study.

In the study, Qin Zhiyou was typing on his computer keyboard. Lu Weixi knocked and entered, but he didn’t even look up at her.

Lu Weixi put the coffee down next to him. As soon as she put the cup down, he took a sip. Then he turned to look at the file folder on the desk, not even sparing her a glance or a greeting as she was about to speak.

Lu Weixi waited by his side until he finished the coffee, then she couldn’t help but speak, “Zhiyou.”

Without looking at her, Qin Zhiyou’s distinct fingers casually flipped through the files, occasionally comparing them to the computer screen, “What is it?”

“Including today, you’ve been home four days this week. That’s ten days this month.” Lu Weixi carefully constructed her words, starting a bit hard, then speaking faster as she proceeded, “We agreed when we got married five years ago: you come home five days a month, and give me fifty-thousand each month. If you stay longer, you have to pay extra.”


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