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OLD-WORLD EXTRA novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, Action, Comedy, Reincarnation genres. Written by the author GoldenStache. 63 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Emir, a 24-year-old man, finds himself reincarnated as a newborn into a post-apocalyptic world of peril and hardship, where monsters and humans fight an unending battle for survival.

He now resides within the very pages of a novel he once read—a narrative fated for a tragic conclusion, a narrative that granted him an early death.

Diving deeper into the realm of hunters, he unravels layers of the tale that far surpass what he once thought of as a simple novel.

He realizes the truth of the massive world he resides in and that he is but a speck of dust under its control.

However, he was at least acquainted with the rules of this captivating game before it fully consumed him.

Now, no longer content with mere survival, he seeks to dominate over the very fabric of this unforgiving universe.

Within its expanse, Ancient Clans, Galactic Federations, and Factions preside over colossal ruins that dwarf the concept of life itself.

He ascends through these entities’ diminished versions as they leave a mark on his journey.

This causes him to grow from the pawn he once was, as he drives himself relentlessly to unravel the boundaries of Aether—the essence that binds their reality—in his pursuit to seize his starless destiny at any cost, earning him the epithet “Prince Of The Fallen.”


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