Phoenix in the Moonlight
Phoenix in the Moonlight

Phoenix in the Moonlight

28 Chapters 426 Views 11 Bookmarked Completed Status

Phoenix in the Moonlight novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama genres. Written by the author SunScar9. 28 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


The daughter of the Jiang family was raised deep in her boudoir, her beauty hidden from the world. The universe knew her as the sickly daughter of the Prime Minister who had caused the death of her mother.

In reality, she led a life far more sinister than any other woman. She bathed in the blood of her enemies and laughed in the face of danger. With a veil and a knife, she went around the world, fulfilling her mission.

Zhou Dynasty’s Qinwang was someone who couldn’t afford to love. But what was a man to do when a charming beauty bewitched him? He took her to his house and kept her as the mistress. She didn’t step out until one day it rose up in flames.

«Let us pledge to the gods to reunite, if not in heaven, then in this mortal world.»

The edict came. The jealous new emperor had bestowed a marriage upon him. He welcomed the sickly Prime Minister’s daughter into his wangfu and pretended to play house with her.

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