Professional Stand-in, With an Hourly Salary of 100,000
Professional Stand-in, With an Hourly Salary of 100,000

Professional Stand-in, With an Hourly Salary of 100,000

100,000/Hour Professional Stand-in • 职业替身,时薪十万

340 Chapters 2.1K Views 8 Bookmarked Completed Status

Professional Stand-in, With an Hourly Salary of 100,000 novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Josei, Romance genres. Written by the author Yuan Yao. 340 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


JiFanyin realized the moment she transmigrated over that she was astand-in, asubstitute for her younger twin sister, JiXinxin.

«Sure, Ican beher stand-in. Here ismylist ofprices. Take alook atitfirst, and make sure toreserve aslot inadvance. Iwon’t accept any last-minute calls, and dotake note that it’ll only beaplatonic relationship. Thanks for your cooperation,» she said.

Inawestern restaurant, arich young master looked ather with eyes filled with affection ashesaid, «Xinxin, Iwould like toask you out for amovie tomorrow night…»

Analarm suddenly went off.

JiFanyin took aglance ather phone before reining inher business smile, saying, «Time’sup. Ineed torush for mynext appointment. Make sure tofoot the tab, and farewell.»

The rich young master’s smile froze up. «I’ll reserve four hours for tomorrow’s movie.»

Inthe middle ofthe night, adrunk, tyrannical young master dialed her number and whined, «Big sis, when will you come over tomeet me?»

«Inorder toensure the quality ofservice, this call will berecorded. It’s four inthe morning right now, and myservices will beten times the usual price. Are you certain you want toproceed?» asked JiFanyin.

«… Hurry upand start acting!»

JiFanyin’s phone suddenly rang inthe midst ofadate with adomineering CEO atTokyo’s tower. With asmile onher lips, she rejected the call and said, «Sorry, it’s another customer.»

«… I’ll pay you ten times the price. Switch off your phone.»

Bythe time JiXinxin finally returned back tothe country, JiFanyin successfully retired from the scenes with the massive fortune she had amassed.

Heh, bad women will never get hurt!

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