Real Man
Real Man

Real Man

A Man's Man • A Man Among Men • 상남자

367 Chapters 2.1K Views 23 Bookmarked Completed Status

Real Man novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Slice of Life, Supernatural genres. Written by the author 김태궁. 367 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


The salaryman who had a dream of becoming a CEO has finally succeeded.


There was no one.

No one was around to celebrate his success.

Then on his first day of work, news of the death of a former colleague that he had laid off came.

Additionally, his family left him, who was only concerned about the company.

The life he thought was right crumbled right in front of him.

Where the heck did it all go wrong?

Then, another opportunity came for Han Yoo-hyun, who had plunged down into despair.

This time, for sure.

He was going to live properly.

He was going to change it all with his whole being.

The new life that Han Yoo-hyun was creating.

That valued life that will outshine any other is unfolding now!

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