Return Of The Strongest Player
Return Of The Strongest Player

Return Of The Strongest Player

279 Chapters 31.6K Views 121 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Return Of The Strongest Player novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mystery genres. Written by the author AceAmbrosia. 279 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


WPC July 2023 Winner.

When the Demons and Angels of the 99th floor detected a threat to their reign, they teamed up to topple the man who'd placed them in such a situation.

The Lord of Sins, a walking calamity of the Heaven's Spire, had put pressure on the transcendents no mortal had ever done.

However, before the Lord of Sins could revolt against their reign, the Demons and Angels decided to nip the threat in the bud.

Manipulating his clanmates, using other clans, controlling fate...

They used all powers available to them in an attempt to halt the advance of the Lord of Sins. Eventually, it worked, and the Lord of Sins fell from grace.

But it wasn't a happy ending for the vicious transcendents.

“I'll return one day, stronger than ever and as a force even you can't touch! I'll become the Lord of Sins again!”

The man returned to the past with a goal in mind.

Everything else was just an interference.

“Return of The Strongest Player” is a gripping tale of a man's ascendance. His journey back to the pinnacle of strength, the adversities blocking his path, and the comrades he eventually acknowledged.


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