System Upgrades Every Second
System Upgrades Every Second

System Upgrades Every Second


974 Chapters 10.7K Views 113 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

System Upgrades Every Second novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Xuanhuan, Action, Adventure genres. Written by the author Yi Dian Mo. 974 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Crossed? Also bound a messy system? Don’t be afraid, the system is more useful if it is messed up! Post tasks for yourself, don’t ask for anything.

System, I want to breathe once!

«Ding! The host breathes once, the task is completed, and a random reward-Breathing Master!»

System, I want to sleep till dawn!

«Ding! The host sleeps until dawn, the task is completed, and random rewards are obtained-upgrade and hang every second!»

System, I will trample an ant to death!

«Ding! The host tramples an ant to death, the task is completed, and a random reward is given-one punch to kill and hang!»

……Wait, besides self-publishing tasks, it seems that you can release tasks to others?

Looking at the system interface with 99% of its functions scrapped, Ye Han touched his chin to study.

This second generation is a bit arrogant, let him learn how to bark in public!

«Ding! The second generation of Dandy did not complete the task within the time limit. The objective of the mission has been obliterated, and the host perfectly inherits all the assets of the second generation of Dandy!»

Yo yo yo, he was a little arrogant one day, let him kneel and call him father!

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