The Court of Souls?
The Court of Souls?

The Court of Souls?

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The Court of Souls? novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Martial Arts, Drama, Adventure, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Andur. 70 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


What do we talk about tonight?

~“How about a story?”~

Fine by me. Which story? Hopefully a good one.

~“There was once a lonely child in a world filled with myths, gods and demons. Only power counted there and the weak were worse than cattle. A world where survival of the fittest ruled.”~

Was it strong then?

~“No, but the child had a power. One that made him stand between light and darkness. Nothing could escape him, so he was shunned by his people.”~ What did he do? Did he fight his fate? Did he hide his power? What was it?

~“Oh, he fought. He fought a lot. And no thing could escape his power. It was something that everyone had to live with.”~

So he became a hero and changed the world?


Tell me.

~“Nooo, that’s not how the story goes. This isn’t a story of a noble man, doing good amidst a sea of monsters. This is a story of a demon who was… kinder than the rest.”~

A kind demon? How boring.

~“I think it would be better if I tell the story, so you can judge for yourself.”~

So tell the story!

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