The Trembling World
The Trembling World

The Trembling World

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477 Chapters 13.9K Views 23 Bookmarked Ongoing Status

The Trembling World novel is a popular light novel covering Mystery, Sci-fi, Seinen, Adventure, Horror, Psychological, Drama, Tragedy, Supernatural, Fantasy genres. Written by the author 奥比椰, Ao Bi Ye. 477 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Several hundred thousand players are trapped in a gritty zombie apocalypse survival game just after game launch. There are hints that deaths in the game might be serving some other terrible purpose in the background of reality…

The main character, Liu Gan, is a quadruple amputee in real life. A quirk in the server code recognized his prosthetic limbs as ‘real limbs’ in game, giving him ‘normal’ arms and legs that nonetheless have the strength and power of steel limbs, and thus far more power than a normal player. With this minor cheat helping him survive the early stages of the game, Liu Gan sets out to find out what exactly is going on, and to endure as long as he can.

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