The Villain's Sword Is Sharp
The Villain's Sword Is Sharp

The Villain's Sword Is Sharp

121 Chapters 1.4K Views 29 Bookmarked Completed Status

The Villain's Sword Is Sharp novel is a popular light novel covering Xuanhuan, Adventure, Martial Arts, Action genres. Written by the author sweetStargazing. 121 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Villains roam the world without any retribution. Demonic sects wage war against the Orthodox and emerge victorious. Neutral tribes stand byand donot help the worthy— they only look toprofit from others’ misfortune. Meanwhile, fresh dangers brew beneath the turbulent waves…
Might isright inthe world ofcultivators, and evil often goes unchecked.

Isaac Dahl isborn inthe barren and chaotic lands ofNorthern Tundra. Heshows promise, yet his sect holds nohope for him.
‘He might beanintelligent child, but his talent ismediocre. Bah… what can heamount to?’

Without resources orhelp; without kindness nor assistance from others, there isonly oneself. Human relationships? Love? Kinship? Ionly see benefits, asothers are unreliable. Ican only believe inmyself. This isthe truth that Isaac realises. This isthe truth that his sect— which proclaims itself asaBlood Path Sect— fails tonotice. They are naïve.

His heart iscold and his gaze isdetermined, but Isaac’s path forwards will not beaneasyone. Itwill befilled with obstacles, danger and disaster. Will Isaac clamber over the bodies ofthose who stand inhisway? Orwill they drag him down with them?

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