This Taoist Master is too Frivolous
This Taoist Master is too Frivolous

This Taoist Master is too Frivolous

49 Chapters 1.2K Views 24 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


This Taoist Master is too Frivolous novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Buli Dumpling. 49 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


“Mr. Xu, are you really a Heavenly Master?”

“As genuine as they come, more real than gold!”

“I’ve heard that your reputation in the supernatural circle is really bad, even to the point where a ghost once called the police saying you were threatening him?”


“It wasn’t me!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Xu Yang clenched the Thousand-Year Peachwood Sword in his hand, and said, “What’s the name of that ghost? Would you dare to let him confront me face to face?”

(PS: This book is also known as ‘This Heavenly Master is too Vicious’, ‘Scaring Ghosts Makes You Stronger’.)

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