Twin Soul
Twin Soul

Twin Soul

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Twin Soul novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy genres. Written by the author Zskyph. 339 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


There are many universes. Each universe contained countless realms. Each realm contained several planets. Some planets have different races ofhumans containing different skin and hair colors, different magical creatures, ordifferent types ofDemi-Humans. Some planets specialized inmartial arts training while other planets specialized inmagic spells casting.

Inthe World ofToria Continents, where all humans have blonde hair. Magic casters and Demi-Humans exist. Only one inevery ten thousand people was born with anElemental Soul, which helped them tobeable tolearn and cast magic spells. There are Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Angelic, Demonic, and Conjurer Souls. One inevery million people isborn with aTwin Soul that allows them tolearn Blood Magic and another type ofmagic oftheir choice, whether itisFire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Light, Black, orConjuration Magic. However, the magic casters born with Twin Soul were forced totrain Blood Magic ifthey wanted tolevel upinother Elemental Magic aswell. Blood Magic required human blood for training. Animals' blood, magical creatures' blood, orthe blood ofDemi-humans can’t beused.

Toria Continents were once greatly suffered under anevil level 100 Saint-tier magic caster that used Blood and Fire Magics. The evil Saint-tier Blood Mage was defeated after adeadly battle between her and another two thousand Saint-tier magic casters. Over eighteen hundred Saint-tier Mages were lost inthis battle but they later found out that they didn’t actually defeat that Blood Mage because she somehow revived herself after being killed. The history book iswritten that evil Saint Blood Mage can create uptothree versions ofherself. Astwo versions were killed inthe battle, the third version escaped and later revived the other two versions.

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